Bug Ball

Bug Ball

Bug Ball is a simple game with few rules. 2 teams of up to 8 participants per team try to shoot as many balls as they can into one of the floating basketball hoops, the winner being the team with the most baskets. The attacking team promotes the ball to their basket by passing the ball to another team member while the defending team tries to get possession of the ball or prevent a basket being scored against them. The Fun Bug's agility makes for entertaining and exciting games – and you get a good workout as well!. Bug Ball combines elements of fun, movement, skill and teamwork making it a great activity for groups.

Bug Ball Rules:

  • SET-UP – The 2 floating basketball hoops are anchored up to 40m apart (distance can be varied depending on conditions and age/abilities of participants). Water depth should be at least 1m. At least 1 team wears some kind of conforming coloured article to distinguish them from the other team. Fun Bugs and fins are allocated relative to participant's size and weight.
  •  STARTING THE GAME – Teams line up level with the baskets opposite each other, a whistle blast signals the start of the game, the ball is thrown into the middle and players race to get possession.
  •  5 SECOND RULE – Player must pass the ball within 5 seconds of receiving it. Failure to do so = Turnover possession. Player may paddle whilst in possession
  • PASSING – Player must throw the ball more than 3 metres
  • TOUCHING THE BASKET – All parts of the floating basketball hoops are out of bounds. Penalty for touching = Turnover possession (foul by attacking team), or free shot from 3m from basket (foul by defending team)
  • TOUCHING OPPOSING PLAYERS – No player may physically touch other players or their Fun Bugs (bug to bug contact is allowed though). Penalty = Turnover possession
  • GAME DURATION – 2 halves of 7 minutes. Teams change ends at half time
  • CONDUCT – Bug Ball is intended as a fun game that encourages participation. Unruly, rough or abusive behaviour will not tolerated. Failure to comply to the Bug Ball Rules and code of conduct may result in exclusion from participating.

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