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My first meeting with inventor, New Zealander Graeme Boddy in the late 90's was decisive. His unique inflatable challenged the perception of what a water craft looked like and how you paddled it. Graeme took me on the river to try out his invention – I was hooked, and that year I started running the first commercial whitewater trips.

This funky single person inflatable can perhaps best be described as a single person twin hulled mini-raft. Both incredibly stable and super agile, what really sets it aside from other water-craft is that it can be paddled using both your arms and legs, and that you wear your paddles instead of having to hold on to them. It is a very safe craft that is intuitive to paddle, making it great for beginners.

In 2010 I grounded company riverbug.me  in Europe, with aim of bringing this fledgeling sport to the world. In 2018 I returned to NZ,  and chose Tauranga as the perfect base to share my passion through my new adventure company Fun Bugs Tauranga.

Fun Bugs Tauranga draws on 30+ years in water based Adventure Tourism to offers activities and programs suitable for all walks of life. Our services include: Rental, Courses, Group Programs, Water Safety, Therapy and Team Building, and our products are used in sectors such as Tourism, Sport & Recreation, Education, Health, Special Needs, and Civil Defence.

Our calm-water activities are based at The Mall beach, Mauao - Mount Maunganui, and our whitewater activities take place on a selection of the Bay of Plenty's spectacular rivers. Our fleet is mobile, enabling us to vary our locations and run activities at at the venue of your choice.

Whether splashing around at the beach, lake or swimming pool, or descending whitewater rapids, we pride ourselves in providing top quality equipment and professional service.

I look forward to seeing you on the water!

Don Allardice
(owner Fun Bugs Tauranga)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     .

Beach Hire

Join us for some Bug fun at The Mall beach on the sheltered side of Mauao – Mount Maunganui. Slip on a pair of fins and cruise around scenic Pilot Bay amidst the backdrop of Mauao – Mount Maunganui. Fun Bugs are the coolest beach toy; sit on it, lay on it, kneel on it, stand on it. Capsize then flip it back over and get back on just for fun! Try some 'Bug-tricks', play a game of Bug-Ball or Tag,, or take a lesson. Great fun for the whole family. Prices from $15 per person.
Contact us to make a booking.

$15 - 30 mins
$25 - 1 hour
$50 - Family Rate (4 people). 30 mins
$10 - per extra person (group size 4 or more), 30 mins

GROUP RATES: Contact us with details of your group and we'll run a program to suit.

$30 - 30 mins
Beach Hire


Bug Ball

2 hoops, 1 ball, 2 teams, let's Play! Water polo meets basket ball bug style – Bug Ball is super fun and easy to play. A few basic paddle techniques, an eye for the hoop and teamwork, see teams participating in fun Bug Ball matches. We run regular social Bug Ball tournaments throughout the year – contact us for details, we'd love to have you along!

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Initiative Challenges

Fun Bugs are lightweight and easy to use, making them ideal for fun initiative challenges for a wide range of ages and abilities. Especially suitable for school and community groups, and as team-building activity. Try some of our challenges or make up your own!

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Take a lesson from our "Bug Experts" and learn how to paddle a Fun Bug and master some cool tricks...

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If you enjoyed splashing around on the ocean, get a group together and try riverbugging on one of the Bay of Plenty's fun whitewater rivers...

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Fun Bugs are versatile, intuitive to paddle and easy to use, making them a great activity for school groups. Book your school outing with us at one of our locations around Tauranga Bay of Plenty, or we can bring our mobile fleet and run a program at the location of your choice.

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Treat your kids to a fun Birthday Fun Bugs style! Just bring the kids and BBQ along and we'll provide the Bug fun and any special wishes.

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Fun Bugs are great tools for Team Building. Our Programs engage participants with fun challenges and games, where participation, problem solving and teamwork are the primary goals. We can run programs at our locations around Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty or your venue of choice. Let us know your requirements and we’ll tailor a program to suit.

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Get your friends and work mates together for a fun splash at The Mall beach at Mauao – Mount Maunganui or a location of your choice. We'll provide the entertainment with fun games and initiative challenges. Bring the BBQ & refreshments to round out a fun social occasion.

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Looking for some Bug-Fun?

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Fun bugs offer a safe and stable platform that can be adapted to provide therapy and rehabilitation for those with special needs. The ability to be paddled with legs and arms independently or used as a floating platform affords versatility to adapt the equipment to suit the individual. Psychological, physical and medical disabilities can be catered for in a unique fashion combining water, movement and fun.

The venue and activities will be selected allowing for the client's disabilities and environmental conditions, and may be run at the beach, lake or pool, as a group or one-to-one as appropriate. Let us know your special needs requirements and we'll put together a program to suit.

Contact us for more info or to arrange a free demonstration or consultation.


  • The Mall, Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, New Zealand

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